On the occasion of the bicentennial of the Opera Garnier, our collective was asked to think and conceive a possible scenario at the Opera Garnier in 2075, which wishes to promote a new way of practicing opera less elitist way to to broaden its target and bridge the gap between popular culture and scholarly culture. We were therefore interested in the idea of creating an installation with a time capsule creating a contrast between the exterior and interior of the Opera Garnier. We wish through an installation, to stimulate the imagination and the emotions passing by a personal interpretation of the forms, and to allow the individuals to take back their time, in a need to return to the traditional function of the body. We are thus interested in technological tools which concern the question of the passage to the screen and the materialization of the lyrical voice, the moving body, the sound and the interpretation of the space. Through experience that we will see later, this installation will aim to restore importance to the cognitive abilities of individuals, such as movement, touch, speech or sound. far from a virtual adaptation of an imaginary, here the reality of sensations and perceptions will be the thought of a real staging where the visitors will be able to become actors of their own opera through improvisation "Prelude", of its etymology, prae, "which precedes and ludo, -es, -ere," to play ", is part of a preparation to the show, an improvisation to put itself in the tone. The installation wishes to offer you an introduction to the show by proposing to become an actor of your own staging.

« prélude »



Global Design

Emma Devaux - Space Designer // SPACE
Zoé Le'Corre - Graphic Designer // POSTERS
Alison Rico - Graphic Designer // TYPE
Maxime Kosnansky - Product Designer // INTERACTIVE MODULES